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Suggested axioms revision 1:

  1. Projections exists all over the body. Not only on the surfaces, but also on all organs and inner structures. Even if they are not accessible to diagnosis and therapy.
  2. Projections are multilayered. They are multilayered in the sense that several projections exists on all places on the body, but not in the way that one projection is above or below other projections.
  3. Projections are bi-lateral. If you stimulate a hand reflex, both right and left hand will be affected.
  4. Projections are bi-directional. If you stimulate a hand reflex, the hand will be affected. If you do something to a hand, all hand reflexes will be affected.
  5. Stimulation on a reflex in soft tissue gives less permanent results then stimulation on a reflex in hard tissue.

The sequence of the axioms does not imply any priority. If you wish to comment or ask anything about the axioms, please look at the Feedback page.

Revision 1 was first published in the ICR newsletter, June 2017. The article is also available here.

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