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The time for the conference is 15th of February 2020, GMT 1600 to GMT 2000. The participation is free for members of ARCB and ICR. The price for external persons is €10. This will be a round table conference, based on Skype for business. Everything will be recorded, and shared on the organizations' websites. Prior to the conference you will receive documents that are expected to be read before the startup. The language of the conference will be English. You will need a good internet connection to participate.

- Welcome and introduction

- Definition and axioms

- Contraindications in reflexology

- Organization of teachers

- Closing and goodbye

If you wish to attend tell us in a mail to as soon as possible. The participant list will be public. We will accept 25 participants. The conference is a cooperation between ICR, ARCB and Definition Reflexology.

Anna-Kaarina Lind - Finland - absent
Heinrike Bergmans - Belgium - absent
Bill Flocco - USA
Lee Taylor - UK
Christine Issel - USA
Orlando Volpe - Italy
Michael Rainone - USA
Mauricio Kruchik - Israel - absent
Sophie Lin - Taiwan
Tish Gilmore - USA - absent
Carol Faguy - Canada
Xanthe Ashton - New Zealand - absent
Shelley Monrad - New Zealand
Alison Rippin - Canada
Terje Varpe - Norway
Keri Wood - Australia
Tara Fletcher - Ireland
Linda Jacobs - Belgium
Marianne Olsson - Sweden - absent

Organization committee
Arve Fahlvik - Norway
Maria Joao Oliveira - Portugal

Preparation documents:
Contraindications in reflexology
Definition and axioms
Organization of teachers

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