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Contraindications in reflexolog

Dear participants.

All education in reflexology mention contraindications. The same do most introductory books in reflexology. Usually it is a list of client states where reflexology is not to be used. Usually there are not given any thorough explanation for this. Different sources have a slightly different lists. When I look at discussion groups on internet it is often asked - “Can I use reflexology in this and that situation?” Some times the explanations are backed up by anecdotes.

It seems like this is an important issue in reflexology.

But are there any scientific support for this? Not that I'm aware of. In conventional medicine contraindications are based on reports of side effects during testing of new procedures and new pharmaceuticals.

For reflexology, are they all based on FUD? Do we need a central register of side effects? Should we start from scratch and say that there are not contraindications? Does the differences in the lists spoil our trust in us self? Does it spoil the societies trust in us?

From now and until the 15.2. I will challenge you to think if there are better ways for us, the reflexological community, to handle contraindications. Prepare to share your thoughts and ideas at the conference.

Regards Arve Fahlvik

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