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current_status [Initiative for a Common Definition of Reflexology]

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This table contains the evaluation of organisations definition of reflexology against the criteria mentioned on the previous page.

Country Oraganisation name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Evaluation date Note Definition
Wikipedia XVVVXXX By Kunz & Kunz->
USAReflexology Association of America XXXVVVX ->
Nordic Reflexology Network ->
Reflexology in Europe Network ->
The International Council of Reflexologists No definition
UK Association of Reflexologists ->
DNKForenede Danske Zoneterapeuter Common definition ->
DNKForeningen for Traditionel Kinesisk Zoneterapi
DNKZoneConnection Terapeutforening
Cochrane Collaboration ->
ISLSvæðameðferðafélag Íslands No definition
NORNorske Naturterapeuters Hovedorganisasjon Two definitions ->
SWEKroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund No definition
SWESvenska Fot Zonterapi - Reflexologi Förbundet No definition
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