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What is a definition? Well, that is one of the terms that will never get a unambiguously definition. The most severe problem related to reflexology is that definition is interchanged with description. explains the difference in an abstract way as follows: As nouns the difference between definition and description is that definition is (semantics) a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol (dictionary definitions) while description is a sketch or account of anything in words; a portraiture or representation in language; an enumeration of the essential qualities of a thing or species.

This can be exemplified as follows (Borrowed from Definition: A lamp is a powered fixture to provide a source of light. Description: A lamp is usually a standing furniture piece. Ours is made of wood and we use them in our house to look pretty or brighten an area. A lamp on a car confirms to the definition, but not to the description. Despite that the description is more imprecise, it makes it easier for people to understand the what it is all about.

A definition in many cases cannot stand alone. It needs the help of a description to understand better.

An important property of definitions is that they are quite constant. They should not be influenced by opinions (medical, political, economical).

One recurrent question related to reflexology is: what is the difference between reflexology and massage? It is impossible to give an answer to this as long as there are no obvious definition of reflexology. But still it is possible to describe the difference in an informative way.

  • Massage has primarily a goal to release tension locally where the treatment is given.
  • Reflexology has primarily a goal to release tension distal to where the treatment is given.
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