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Definition and axioms

Dear participants.

There have been many attempts to define reflexology. Our community might not be ready to agree upon a common definition yet. But by look at minor properties of reflexology we might formulate simple statements about these properties. It should be easy to argument pro or con towards such statements. In some cases these statements can be called axioms. Please read the text about axioms here.

Considere the following statements:
1 Projections exists all over the body. Not only on the surfaces, but also on all organs and inner structures. Even if they are not accessible to diagnosis and therapy.
2 Projections are multilayered. They are multilayered in the sense that several projections exists on all places on the body, but not in the way that one projection is above or below other projections.
3 Projections are bi-lateral. If you stimulate a hand reflex, both right and left hand will be affected.
4 Projections are bi-directional. If you stimulate a hand reflex, the hand will be affected. If you do something to a hand, all hand reflexes will be affected.

Do you have other proposals for axioms? Can we as a group agree upon one or more of them during the limited time we have together? Prepare to share your thoughts and ideas at the conference.

Regards Arve Fahlvik

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