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nnh [Initiative for a Common Definition of Reflexology]

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NNH have two groups of reflexologists, foot reflexologists and full-body reflexologists. For foot reflexology it is referred to the NRN definition. The following is the definition used by full-body reflexology.

Refleksologi er kort fortalt en behandlingsmetode hvor man med å påvirke et sted på kroppen for å forbedre funksjonen et annet sted. Teorien er at hele eller deler av kroppen blir projisert i delområder av kroppen, som kommuniserer og vekselvirker med helheten.

Translated from Norwegian to English.

In short, reflexology is a form of treatment, where by affecting one place on the body will improve the condition another place. The theory says that the whole or parts of the body is projected in a part of the body, which communicates and interacts with the whole. siteonline

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