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supporters [Initiative for a Common Definition of Reflexology]

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The following list of supporters contains names of persons that are reflexology teacher or have/had a position in a reflexology organisation/school. If you wish to be on the list, please take contact.

To indicate support here is not the same as agreeing upon the suggested axioms, just a support to this initiative.

Country Name RoleComments/proviso
Greece Eugenia Doulvari Former chair of HAR
Iceland Hallfríður María Pálsdóttir Teacher
Ireland Carol Kenny Teacher
Ireland Catriona Plunkett Teacher
Norway Siv Harestad Teacher, former chair of NRF
Norway Soveig Helene Vassbotn Teacher
Norway Arve Fahlvik Teacher, boardmember of ICR
Slovenia Nada Tomazin Dokl Chair of CCI
Taiwan Sophie Lin Teacher
United KingdomBarbara Scott Teacher, chair of ARR
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