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The main idea behind the Teachers Conferences is to make people talk together. People that love reflexology and have lots of knoweldge and experience with it. There is not need to be a teacher to attend, even the name indicates so. The name “Teachers Conference” was chosen to distinguish it from ordinary conferences for all practitioners of reflexology.

The attendants of these conferences will have to let go of their ego, This is a community project, to lift reflexology to the level of respect it deserves in the society. All of the participants must share. Sharing is the only way to growth.

It is expected that the participants are able to have a scholar approach to the discussions, and are able to use a scientific based language. The conferences will be a living process. There are no fixed agenda. We have started one place, but don't know where the journey will take us. Here are no hierarchy, but a civilised anarchy.

Still, very much will be centered around language and communication. We need a common language both to agree and to disagree. Both will gives us progress if we are able to handle them wise.

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